Please review your timesheets for accuracy.

Adjustments necessary on the current

pay period after the deadline

will be adjusted on the FOLLOWING pay period.

NOTICE:  Deadline for getting your time in

and approved is at 5:00 p.m. on the following days:


March 3 and 18                 August 3 and 18

April 5 and 20             September 6 and 20

May 4 and 18                   October 5 and 19

June 3 and 20            November 3 and 17**

July 6 and 20              December 5 and 19**


** Indicates  time due one day earlier than normal because of Holiday schedule.


Paper timesheets will not be used unless you are a new employee and

this is your first worked pay period or if this is your final timesheet.


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